Chapter 18

  1. 1. Hee that liueth for euer, created all things in generall.
  2. 2. The Lord onely is righteous, and there is none other but he.
  3. 3. Who gouerneth the world with the palme of his hand, and all things obey his will, for he is the king of all, by his power diuiding holy things among them from prophane.
  4. 4. To whom hath he giuen power to declare his works? and who shall finde out his noble actes?
  5. 5. Who shall number the strength of his maiestie? and who shall also tel out his mercies?
  6. 6. As for the wonderous workes of the Lord, there may nothing bee taken from them, neither may any thing bee put vnto them, neither can the ground of them be found out.
  7. 7. When a man hath done, then he beginneth, and when hee leaueth off, then he shall be doubtfull.
  8. 8. What is man, and whereto serueth he? what is his good, & what is his euil?
  9. 9. The number of a mans dayes at the most are an hundred yeeres.
  10. 10. As a drop of water vnto the Sea, and a grauell stone in comparison of the sand, so are a thousand yeeres to the dayes of eternitie.
  11. 11. Therfore is God patient with them, & powreth forth his mercy vpon them.
  12. 12. He saw and perceiued their end to be euill, therefore he multiplied his compassion.
  13. 13. The mercy of man is toward his neighbour, but the mercy of the Lord is vpon all flesh: he reprooueth and nurtureth, and teacheth, & bringeth againe as a shepheard his flocke.
  14. 14. He hath mercy on them that receiue discipline, and that diligently seeke after his iudgements.
  15. 15. My sonne, blemish not thy good deeds, neither vse vncomfortable words when thou giuest any thing.
  16. 16. Shall not the deaw asswage the heate? so is a word better then a gift.
  17. 17. Loe is not a word better then a gift? but both are with a gracious man.
  18. 18. A foole will vpbraide churlishly, and a gift of the enuious consumeth the eyes.
  19. 19. Learne before thou speake, and vse phisicke, or euer thou be sicke.
  20. 20. Before iudgement examine thy selfe, and in the day of visitation thou shalt find mercy.
  21. 21. Humble thy selfe before thou be sicke, and in the time of sinnes shew repentance.
  22. 22. Let nothing hinder thee to pay thy vowe in due time, and deferre not vntill death to be iustified.
  23. 23. Before thou prayest, prepare thy selfe, and be not as one that tempteth the Lord.
  24. 24. Thinke vpon the wrath that shall be at the end; and the time of vengeance when he shall turne away his face.
  25. 25. When thou hast enough remember the time of hunger, and when thou art rich thinke vpon pouerty and need.
  26. 26. From the morning vntill the euening the time is changed, and all things are soone done before the Lord.
  27. 27. A wise man will feare in euery thing, and in the day of sinning he will beware of offence: but a foole will not obserue time.
  28. 28. Euery man of vnderstanding knoweth wisedome, and wil giue praise vnto him that found her.
  29. 29. They that were of vnderstanding in sayings, became also wise themselues, and powred forth exquisite parables.
  30. 30. Goe not after thy lustes, but refraine thy selfe from thine appetites.
  31. 31. If thou giuest thy soule the desires that please her, she will make thee a laughing stocke to thine enemies, that maligne thee.
  32. 32. Take not pleasure in much good cheere, neither be tyed to the expence thereof.
  33. 33. Be not made a begger by banquetting vpon borrowing, when thou hast nothing in thy purse, for thou shalt lie in waite for thy owne life: and be talked on.

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