Chapter 27

  1. 1. Many haue sinned for a smal matter: & he that seeketh for abundance will turne his eies away.
  2. 2. As a naile sticketh fast betweene the ioynings of the stones: so doth sinne sticke close betweene buying and selling.
  3. 3. Unlesse a man hold himselfe diligently in the feare of the Lord, his house shall soone be ouerthrowen.
  4. 4. As when one sifteth with a sieue, the refuse remaineth, so the filth of man in his talke.
  5. 5. The furnace prooueth the potters vessell: so the triall of man is in his reasoning.
  6. 6. The fruite declareth if the tree haue beene dressed: so is the vtterance of a conceit in the heart of man.
  7. 7. Praise no man before thou hearest him speake, for this is the triall of men.
  8. 8. If thou followest righteousnesse, thou shalt obtaine her, and put her on, as a glorious long robe.
  9. 9. The birds will resort vnto their like, so will truth returne vnto them that practise in her.
  10. 10. As the Lyon lieth in waite for the pray: so sinne for them that worke iniquity.
  11. 11. The discourse of a godly man is alwaies with wisedome: but a foole changeth as the Moone.
  12. 12. If thou be among the vndiscreet, obserue the time: but be continually among men of vnderstanding.
  13. 13. The discourse of fooles is irksome, and their sport is in the wantonnesse of sinne.
  14. 14. The talke of him that sweareth much, maketh the haire stand vpright: and their braules make one stop his eares.
  15. 15. The strife of the proud is blood-shedding, and their reuilings are grieuous to the eare.
  16. 16. Who so discouereth secrets, looseth his credit: and shall neuer find friend to his minde.
  17. 17. Loue thy friend, and be faithfull vnto him: but if thou bewrayest his secrets, follow no more after him.
  18. 18. For as a man hath destroyed his enemie: so hast thou lost the loue of thy neighbour.
  19. 19. As one that letteth a bird goe out of his hand, so hast thou let thy neighbour goe; and shalt not get him againe.
  20. 20. Follow after him no more, for he is too far off, he is as a roe escaped out of the snare.
  21. 21. As for a wound it may be bound vp, and after reuiling there may be reconcilement: but he that bewrayeth secrets is without hope.
  22. 22. He that winketh with the eies worketh euil, and he that knoweth him will depart from him.
  23. 23. When thou art present he will speake sweetly, and will admire thy words: but at the last he will writhe his mouth, and slander thy sayings.
  24. 24. I haue hated many things, but nothing like him, for the Lord will hate him.
  25. 25. Who so casteth a stone on high, casteth it on his owne head, and a deceitfull stroke shall make wounds.
  26. 26. Who so diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that setteth a trap shall be taken therein.
  27. 27. He that worketh mischiefe, it shall fall vpon him, and he shall not know whence it commeth.
  28. 28. Mockery and reproach are from the proud: but vengeance as a Lyon shall lie in waite for them.
  29. 29. They that reioyce at the fall of the righteous shalbe taken in the snare, and anguish shall consume them before they die.
  30. 30. Malice and wrath, euen these are abhominations, and the sinfull man shall haue them both.

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