Ecclesiasticus 29:16

“A sinner will ouerthrow the good estate of his suretie:”

King James Version (KJV)

Ecclesiasticus 29:16

13. It shal fight for thee against thine enemies, better then a mightie shield and strong speare. 14. An honest man is suretie for his neighbour: but hee that is impudent, will forsake him. 15. Forget not the friendship of thy suretie: for hee hath giuen his life for thee. 16. A sinner will ouerthrow the good estate of his suretie: 17. And he that is of an vnthankfull minde, will leaue him in [danger] that deliuered him. 18. Suretiship hath vndone many of good estate, and shaked them as a waue of the Sea: mightie men hath it driuen from their houses, so that they wandred among strange nations. 19. A wicked man transgressing the commandements of the Lord, shall fall into suretiship: and hee that vndertaketh and followeth other mens businesse for gaine, shall fall into suits.

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