Chapter 30

  1. 1. Hee that loueth his sonne, causeth him oft to feele the rodde, that hee may haue ioy of him in the end.
  2. 2. He that chastiseth his sonne, shall haue ioy in him, and shall reioyce of him among his acquaintance.
  3. 3. He that teacheth his sonne, grieueth the enemie: and before his friends he shall reioyce of him.
  4. 4. Though his father die, yet he is as though hee were not dead: for hee hath left one behinde him that is like himselfe.
  5. 5. While he liued, he saw and reioyced in him: and when he died hee was not sorrowfull.
  6. 6. He left behinde him an auenger against his enemies, and one that shall requite kindnesse to his friends.
  7. 7. He that maketh too much of his sonne, shall binde vp his wounds, and his bowels wil be troubled at euery cry.
  8. 8. An horse not broken becommeth headstrong: and a childe left to himselfe will be wilfull.
  9. 9. Cocker thy childe, and hee shall make thee afraid: play with him, and he will bring thee to heauinesse.
  10. 10. Laugh not with him, lest thou haue sorrow with him, and lest thou gnash thy teeth in the end.
  11. 11. Giue him no liberty in his youth, and winke not at his follies.
  12. 12. Bow downe his necke while hee is young, and beate him on the sides while he is a childe, lest hee waxe stubborne, and be disobedient vnto thee, and so bring sorrow to thine heart.
  13. 13. Chastise thy sonne, and hold him to labour, lest his lewd behauiour be an offence vnto thee.
  14. 14. Better is the poore being sound and strong of constitution, then a rich man that is afflicted in his body.
  15. 15. Health and good state of body are aboue all gold, and a strong body aboue infinite wealth.
  16. 16. There is no riches aboue a sound body, and no ioy aboue the ioy of the heart.
  17. 17. Death is better then a bitter life, or continuall sickenesse.
  18. 18. Delicates powred vpon a mouth shut vp, are as messes of meat set vpon a graue.
  19. 19. What good doth the offering vnto an idole? for neither can it eat nor smell: so is he that is persecuted of the Lord.
  20. 20. Hee seeth with his eyes and groneth, as an Eunuch that embraceth a virgine, and sigheth.
  21. 21. Giue not ouer thy mind to heauinesse, and afflict not thy selfe in thine owne counsell.
  22. 22. The gladnesse of the heart is the life of man, and the ioyfulnes of a man prolongeth his dayes.
  23. 23. Loue thine owne soule, and comfort thy heart, remoue sorrow far from thee: for sorrow hath killed many, and there is no profit therein.
  24. 24. Enuie and wrath shorten the life, and carefulnesse bringeth age before the time.
  25. 25. A cherefull and good heart will haue a care of his meat and diet.

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