Chapter 44

  1. 1. Let vs now praise famous men, and our Fathers that begat vs.
  2. 2. The Lorde hath wrought great glory by them, through his great power from the beginning.
  3. 3. Such as did beare rule in their kingdomes, men renowmed for their power, giuing counsell by their vnderstanding, and declaring prophecies:
  4. 4. Leaders of the people by their counsels, and learning meet for the people, wise and eloquent in their instructions.
  5. 5. Such as found out musical tunes, and reiected verses in writing.
  6. 6. Rich men furnished with abilitie, liuing peaceably in their habitations.
  7. 7. All these were honoured in their generations, and were the glory of their times.
  8. 8. There be of them, that haue left a name behind them, that their praises might be reported.
  9. 9. And some there be, which haue no memorial, who are perished as though they had neuer bene, and are become as though they had neuer bene borne, and their children after them.
  10. 10. But these were mercifull men, whose righteousnesse hath not beene forgotten.
  11. 11. With their seed shall continually remaine a good inheritance, and their children are within the couenant.
  12. 12. Their seed stands fast, and their children for their sakes.
  13. 13. Their seed shall remaine for euer, and their glory shall not be blotted out.
  14. 14. Their bodies are buried in peace, but their name liueth for euermore.
  15. 15. The people will tell of their wisdome, and the congregation will shew forth their praise.
  16. 16. Enoch pleased the Lord, and was translated, being an example of repentance, to all generations.
  17. 17. Noah was found perfect and righteous, in the time of wrath, he was taken in exchange (for the world) therefore was he left as a remnant vnto the earth, when the flood came.
  18. 18. An euerlasting Couenant was made with him, that all flesh should perish no more by the flood.
  19. 19. Abraham was a great father of many people: in glory was there none like vnto him:
  20. 20. Who kept the Law of the most High, and was in couenant with him, hee established the Couenant in his flesh, and when he was proued, he was found faithfull.
  21. 21. Therefore he assured him by an othe, that he would blesse the nations in his seed, and that he would multiply him, as the dust of the earth, and exalt his seed as the starres, and cause them to inherit from Sea to Sea, & from the riuer vnto the vtmost part of the land.
  22. 22. With Isaac did he establish likewise [for Abraham his fathers sake] the blessing of all men and the couenant,
  23. 23. And made it rest vpon the head of Iacob. Hee acknowledged him in his blessing, and gaue him an heritage, and diuided his portions, among the twelue tribes did he part them.

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