Ecclesiasticus 47:21

“So the kingdome was diuided, and out of Ephraim ruled a rebellious kingdome.”

King James Version (KJV)

Ecclesiasticus 47:21

18. By the Name of the Lord God, which is called the Lord God of Israel, thou didst gather gold as tinne, and didst multiply siluer as lead. 19. Thou didst bow thy loines vnto women, and by thy body thou wast brought into subiection. 20. Thou dist staine thy honour, and pollute thy seed, so that thou broughtest wrath vpon thy children, and wast grieued for thy folly. 21. So the kingdome was diuided, and out of Ephraim ruled a rebellious kingdome. 22. But the Lord will neuer leaue off his mercy, neither shall any of his workes perish, neither will hee abolish the posterity of his elect, and the seed of him that loueth him he will not take away: wherefore he gaue a remnant vnto Iacob, and out of him a roote vnto Dauid. 23. Thus rested Solomon with his fathers, and of his seede he left behinde him Roboam, euen the foolishnesse of the people, and one that had no vnderstanding; who turned away the people through his counsell: there was also Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, who caused Israel to sinne, and shewed Ephraim the way of sinne: 24. And their sinnes were multiplied exceedingly, that they were driuen out of the land.

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