Chapter 49

  1. 1. The remembrance of Iosias is like the composition of the perfume þt
  2. 2. He behaued himselfe vprightly in the conuersion of the people, and tooke away the abominations of iniquitie.
  3. 3. He directed his heart vnto the Lord, and in the time of the vngodly he established the worship of God.
  4. 4. All, except Dauid and Ezechias, and Iosias, were defectiue: for they forsooke the Law of the most High, (euen) the kings of Iudah failed:
  5. 5. Therefore he gaue their power vnto others, & their glory to a strange nation.
  6. 6. They burnt the chosen citie of the Sanctuarie, and made the streets desolate according to the prophecie of Ieremias:
  7. 7. For they entreated him euil, who neuerthelesse was a prophet sanctified in his mothers wombe, that he might root out and afflict & destroy, and that he might build vp also and plant.
  8. 8. It was Ezechiel who sawe the glorious vision, which was shewed him vpon the chariot of the Cherubims
  9. 9. For he made mention of the enemies vnder [the figure of] the raine, and directed them that went right.
  10. 10. And of the twelue prophets let the memorial be blessed, and let their bones flourish againe out of their place: for they comforted Iacob, and deliuered them by assured hope.
  11. 11. How shall we magnifie Zorobabel? euen he was as a signet on the right hand.
  12. 12. So was Iesus the sonne of Iosedec: who in their time builded the house, and set vp an holy Temple to the Lord, which was prepared for euerlasting glory.
  13. 13. And among the elect was Neemias whose renowme is great, who raised vp for vs, the walles that were fallen, and set vp the gates & the barres, and raised vp our ruines againe.
  14. 14. But vpon the earth was no man created like Enoch, for he was taken from the earth.
  15. 15. Neither was there a man borne like vnto Ioseph, a gouernour of his brethren, a stay of the people, whose bones were regarded of the Lord.
  16. 16. Sem and Seth were in great honour among men, and so was Adam aboue euery liuing thing in the creation.

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