Chapter 8

  1. 1. Striue not with a mighty man, lest thou fall into his hands.
  2. 2. Bee not at variance with a rich man, lest he ouerweigh thee: for gold hath destroyed many, and peruerted the hearts of kings.
  3. 3. Striue not with a man that is full of tongue, and heape not wood vpon his fire.
  4. 4. Iest not with a rude man, lest thy ancestours be disgraced.
  5. 5. Reproch not a man that turneth from sinne, but remember that we are all worthy of punishment.
  6. 6. Dishonour not a man in his old age: for euen some of vs waxe old.
  7. 7. Reioice not ouer thy greatest enemie being dead, but remember that we die all.
  8. 8. Despise not the discourse of the wise, but acquaint thy selfe with their prouerbs; for of them thou shalt learne instruction, & how to serue great men with ease.
  9. 9. Misse not the discourse of the Elders: for they also learned of their fathers, and of them thou shalt learne vnderstanding, and to giue answere as need requireth.
  10. 10. Kindle not the coales of a sinner, lest thou be burnt with the flame of his fire.
  11. 11. Rise not vp (in anger) at the presence of an iniurious person, least he lie in waite to entrap thee in thy words.
  12. 12. Lend not vnto him that is mightier then thy selfe; for if thou lendest him, count it but lost.
  13. 13. Be not surety aboue thy power: for if thou be surety, take care to pay it.
  14. 14. Goe not to law with a iudge, for they will iudge for him according to his honour.
  15. 15. Trauaile not by the way with a bold fellow, least he become grieuous vnto thee: for he will doe according to his owne will, and thou shalt perish with him through his folly.
  16. 16. Striue not with an angry man, and goe not with him into a solitary place: for blood is as nothing in his sight, and where there is no helpe, he will ouerthrow thee.
  17. 17. Consult not with a foole; for he cannot keepe counsell.
  18. 18. Doe no secret thing before a stranger, for thou knowest not what he will bring forth.
  19. 19. Open not thine heart to euery man, least he requite thee with a shrewd turne.

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