Chapter 11

  1. 1. Then said Olofernes vnto her, Woman, bee of good comfort, feare not in thine heart: for I neuer hurt any, that was willing to serue Nabuchodonosor the king of all the earth.
  2. 2. Now therefore if thy people that dwelleth in the mountaines, had not set light by me, I would not haue lifted vp my speare against them: but they haue done these things to themselues.
  3. 3. But now tell me wherefore thou art fled from them, and art come vnto vs: for thou art come for safeguard, be of good comfort, thou shalt liue this night, and hereafter.
  4. 4. For none shall hurt thee, but intreat thee well, as they doe the seruants of king Nabuchodonosor my lord.
  5. 5. Then Iudeth said vnto him, Receiue the words of thy seruant, and suffer thine handmaid to speake in thy presence, and I will declare no lie to my lord this night.
  6. 6. And if thou wilt follow the words of thine handmaid, God will bring the thing perfectly to passe by thee, and my lord shall not faile of his purposes,
  7. 7. As Nabuchodonosor king of all the earth liueth, and as his power liueth, who hath sent thee for the vpholding of euery liuing thing: for not only men shall serue him by thee, but also the beasts of the field, and the cattell, and the foules of the aire shall liue by thy power, vnder Nabuchodonosor and all his house.
  8. 8. For wee haue heard of thy wisedome, and thy policies, and it is reported in all the earth, that thou onely art excellent in all the kingdome, and mightie in knowledge, and wonderfull in feates of warre.
  9. 9. Now as concerning the matter which Achior did speake in thy counsell, we haue heard his words; for the men of Bethulia saued him, and hee declared vnto them all that hee had spoken vnto thee.
  10. 10. Therefore, O lord and gouernor, reiect not his word, but lay it vp in thine heart, for it is true, for our nation shall not be punished, neither can the sword preuaile against them, except they sinne against their God.
  11. 11. And now, that my lord be not defeated, and frustrate of his purpose, euen death is now fallen vpon them, and their sinne hath ouertaken them, wherewith they will prouoke their God to anger, whensoeuer they shall doe that which is not fit to be done.
  12. 12. For their victuals faile them, and all their water is scant, and they haue determined to lay hands vpon their cattell, and purposed to consume all those things, that God hath forbidden them to eate by his Lawes,
  13. 13. And are resolued to spend the first fruits of the corne, & the tenths of wine and oyle, which they had sanctified, and reserued for the Priests that serue in Ierusalem, before the face of our God, the which things it is not lawfull for any of the people so much as to touch with their hands.
  14. 14. For they haue sent some to Ierusalem, because they also that dwelt there haue done the like, to bring them a license from the Senate.
  15. 15. Now when they shall bring them word, they will forthwith doe it, and they shall be giuen thee to be destroyed the same day.
  16. 16. Wherefore I thine handmaide knowing all this, am fledde from their presence, & God hath sent me to worke things with thee, whereat all the earth shalbe astonished, and whosoeuer shall heare it.
  17. 17. For thy seruant is religious, and serueth the God of heauen day & night: now therefore, my lord, I will remaine with thee, and thy seruant will goe out by night into the valley, and I will pray vnto God, and he wil tel me when they haue committed their sinnes.
  18. 18. And I will come, and shew it vnto thee: then thou shalt goe forth with all thine army, and there shall be none of them that shall resist thee.
  19. 19. And I will leade thee through the midst of Iudea, vntill thou come before Ierusalem, and I will set thy throne in the midst thereof, and thou shalt driue them as sheep that haue no shepheard, and a dogge shall not so much as open his mouth at thee: for these things were tolde mee, according to my foreknowledge, and they were declared vnto me, and I am sent to tell thee.
  20. 20. Then her wordes pleased Olofernes, and all his seruants, and they marueiled at her wisedome, and said,
  21. 21. There is not such a woman from one end of the earth to the other, both for beautie of face, and wisedome of wordes.
  22. 22. Likewise Olofernes said vnto her, God hath done well to send thee before the people, that strength might be in our hands, and destruction vpon them that lightly regard my lord:
  23. 23. And now thou art both beautifull in thy countenance, and wittie in thy wordes; surely if thou doe as thou hast spoken, thy God shall be my God, and thou shalt dwel in the house of king Nabuchodonosor, and shalt be renowmed through the whole earth.

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