Judith 5:6

“This people are descended of the Caldeans,”

King James Version (KJV)

Judith 5:6

3. And he said vnto them, Tell mee now, ye sonnes of Canaan, who this people is that dwelleth in the hill countrey? and what are the cities that they inhabite? and what is the multitude of their armie? and wherein is their power and strength, and what king is set ouer them, or captaine of their armie? 4. And why haue they determined not to come and meet me, more then all the inhabitants of the West? 5. Then said Achior, the captaine of all the sonnes of Ammon: Let my lord now heare a word from the mouth of thy seruant, and I will declare vnto thee the trueth, concerning this people which dwelleth neere thee, and inhabiteth the hill countreys: and there shall no lie come out of the mouth of thy seruant. 6. This people are descended of the Caldeans, 7. And they soiourned heretofore in Mesopotamia, because they would not follow the gods of their fathers, which were in the land of Caldea. 8. For they left the way of their ancestours, and worshipped the God of heauen, the God whom they knew: so they cast them out from the face of their gods, and they fled into Mesopotamia, and soiourned there many dayes. 9. Then their God commaunded them to depart from the place where they soiourned, and to goe into the land of Chanaan, where they dwelt, and were increased with gold and siluer, and with very much cattell.

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