1 Maccabees 15:37

“In the meane time fled Tryphon by ship vnto Orthosias.”

King James Version (KJV)

1 Maccabees 15:37

34. Wherefore we hauing opportunitie, hold the inheritance of our fathers. 35. And whereas thou demaundest Ioppe and Gazara; albeit they did great harme vnto the people in our countrey, yet will we giue an hundred talents for them. Hereunto Athenobius answered him not a word, 36. But returned in a rage to the king, and made report vnto him of these speaches, and of the glory of Simon, and of all that hee had seene: whereupon the king was exceeding wroth. 37. In the meane time fled Tryphon by ship vnto Orthosias. 38. Then the king made Cendebeus captaine of the sea coast, and gaue him an hoste of footmen and horsemen, 39. And commanded him to remoue his hoste toward Iudea: also hee commanded him to build vp Cedron, and to fortifie the gates, & to warre against the people, but as for the king [himselfe] he pursued Tryphon. 40. So Cendebeus came to Iamnia, and began to prouoke the people, and to inuade Iudea, and to take the people prisoners, and slay them.

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