2 Maccabees 10:34

“And they þt”

King James Version (KJV)

2 Maccabees 10:34

31. And there were slaine [of footemen] twentie thousand and fiue hundred, and sixe hundred horsemen. 32. As for Timotheus himselfe, hee fled into a very strong holde, called Gazara, where Chereas was gouernour. 33. But they that were with Maccabeus, laid siege against the fortresse couragiously foure dayes. 34. And they þt 35. Neuerthelesse, vpon the fifth day early, twentie yong men of Maccabeus company, inflamed with anger because of the blasphemies, assaulted the wall manly, and with a fierce courage killed all that they met withall. 36. Others likewise ascending after them, whiles they were busied with them that were within, burnt the towres, and kindling fires, burnt the blasphemers aliue, and others broke open the gates, and hauing receiued in the rest of the army, tooke the city, 37. And killed Timotheus that was hidde in a certaine pit, and Chereas his brother, with Apollophanes.

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