2 Maccabees 2:15

“Wherefore if yee haue neede thereof, send some to fetch them vnto you.”

King James Version (KJV)

2 Maccabees 2:15

12. So Solomon kept those eight dayes. 13. The same things also were reported in the writings, and commentaries of Neemias, and how he founding a librarie, gathered together the acts of the Kings, and the Prophets, and of Dauid, and the Epistles of the Kings concerning the holy gifts. 14. In like maner also, Iudas gathered together all those things that were lost, by reason of the warre we had, and they remaine with vs. 15. Wherefore if yee haue neede thereof, send some to fetch them vnto you. 16. Whereas we then are about to celebrate the purification, we haue written vnto you, and yee shall doe well if yee keepe the same dayes. 17. We hope also that the God, that deliuered all his people, and gaue them all an heritage, and the kingdome, and the priesthood, and the Sanctuarie, 18. As he promised in the lawe, will shortly haue mercy vpon vs, and gather vs together out of euery land vnder heauen into the holy place: for he hath deliuered vs out of great troubles, and hath purified the place.

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