2 Maccabees 3:23

“Neuerthelesse Heliodorus executed that which was decreed.”

King James Version (KJV)

2 Maccabees 3:23

20. And all holding their handes towards heauen, made supplication. 21. Then it would haue pitied a man to see the falling downe of the multitude of all sorts, and the feare of the hie Priest, being in such an agony. 22. They then called vpon the Almightie Lord, to keepe the things committed of trust, safe and sure, for those that had committed them. 23. Neuerthelesse Heliodorus executed that which was decreed. 24. Now as hee was there present himselfe with his guard about the treasurie, the Lord of spirits, & the Prince of all power caused a great apparition, so that all that presumed to come in with him, were astonished at the power of God, and fainted, and were sore afraid. 25. For there appeared vnto them a horse, with a terrible rider vpon him, and adorned with a very faire couering, and he ranne fiercely, and smote at Heliodorus with his forefeet, and it seemed that hee that sate vpon the horse, had complete harnesse of golde. 26. Moreouer two other yong men appeared before him, notable in strength, excellent in beautie, and comely in apparell, who stood by him on either side, and scourged him continually, and gaue him many sore stripes.

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