Chapter 56

  1. 1. [To the chiefe musician vpon Ionath Elem Rechokim, Michtam of Dauid, when the Philistines tooke him in Gath.] Be mercifull vnto mee, O God, for man would swallow me vp: he fighting daily, oppresseth me.
  2. 2. Mine enemies would dayly swallow me vp: for they bee many that fight against me, O thou most high.
  3. 3. What time I am afraide, I will trust in thee.
  4. 4. In God I will praise his worde, In God I haue put my trust, I will not feare what flesh can doe vnto me.
  5. 5. Euery day they wrest my words: all their thoughts are against mee for euill.
  6. 6. They gather themselues together; they hide themselues, they marke my steps when they wait for my soule.
  7. 7. Shall they escape by iniquitie? in thine anger cast downe the people, O God.
  8. 8. Thou tellest my wanderings, put thou my teares into thy bottle: are they not in thy booke?
  9. 9. When I crie vnto thee, then shall mine enemies turne backe: this I know, for God is for me.
  10. 10. In God will I praise his word: in the Lord will I praise his word.
  11. 11. In God haue I put my trust: I will not bee afraid what man can doe vnto me.
  12. 12. Thy vowes are vpon me, O God: I will render praises vnto thee.
  13. 13. For thou hast deliuered my soule from death: wilt not thou deliuer my feet from falling? that I may walke before God in the light of the liuing.

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