Chapter 97

  1. 1. The Lord raigneth, let the earth reioyce: let the multitude of Isles bee glad thereof.
  2. 2. Clouds and darkenesse are round about him: righteousnesse and iudgement are the habitation of his throne.
  3. 3. A fire goeth before him: and burneth vp his enemies round about.
  4. 4. His lightnings inlightned the world: the earth sawe, and trembled.
  5. 5. The hilles melted like waxe at the presence of the Lord: at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.
  6. 6. The heauens declare his righteousnesse: and all the people see his glory.
  7. 7. Confounded be all they that serue grauen images, that boast themselues of idoles: worship him all yee gods.
  8. 8. Sion heard, and was glad, and the daughters of Iudah reioyced: because of thy iudgements, O Lord.
  9. 9. For thou, Lord, art high aboue all the earth: thou art exalted farre aboue all gods.
  10. 10. Yee that loue the Lord, hate euil; hee preserueth the soules of his Saints: hee deliuereth them out of the hand of the wicked.
  11. 11. Light is sowen for the righteous: and gladnesse for the vpright in heart.
  12. 12. Reioyce in the Lord, ye righteous: and giue thanks at the remembrance of his holinesse.

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