Chapter 10

  1. 1. Nowe Tobit his father counted euery day, and when the dayes of the iourney were expired, and they came not:
  2. 2. Then Tobit said, Are they detained? or is Gabael dead? and there is no man to giue him the money?
  3. 3. Therefore he was very sory.
  4. 4. Then his wife said to him, My sonne is dead, seeing hee stayeth long, and she beganne to bewaile him, and said,
  5. 5. Now I care for nothing, my sonne, since I haue let thee goe, the light of mine eyes.
  6. 6. To whom Tobit said, Hold thy peace, take no care; for he is safe.
  7. 7. But she said, Hold thy peace, and deceiue me not: my sonne is dead, and she went out euery day into the way which they went, and did eate no meat on the day time, and ceased not whole nights, to bewaile her sonne Tobias, vntill the foureteene dayes of the wedding were expired, which Raguel had sworne, that he should spend there: Then Tobias said to Raguel, Let me goe, for my father, and my mother look no more to see me.
  8. 8. But his father in law said vnto him, Tary with me, and I will send to thy father, and they shall declare vnto him, how things goe with thee.
  9. 9. But Tobias said, No: but let me goe to my father.
  10. 10. Then Raguel arose and gaue him Sara his wife, and halfe his goods, seruants, & cattell, and money.
  11. 11. And hee blessed them, and sent them away, saying, The God of heauen giue you a prosperous iourney, my children.
  12. 12. And he said to his daughter, Honour thy father and thy mother in law, which are now thy parents, that I may heare good report of thee: and hee kissed her. Edna also said to Tobias, The Lord of heauen restore thee, my deare brother, and grant that I may see thy children of my daughter Sara before I die, that I may reioyce before the Lord: behold, I commit my daughter vnto thee of speciall trust, wherefore doe not entreate her euill.

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