Chapter 13

  1. 1. Then Tobit wrote a prayer of reioycing, and said, Blessed be God that liueth for euer, and blessed be his kingdome:
  2. 2. For he doeth scourge, and hath mercy: hee leadeth downe to hell, and bringeth vp againe: neither is there any that can auoid his hand.
  3. 3. Confesse him before the Gentiles, ye children of Israel: for he hath scattered vs among them.
  4. 4. There declare his greatnesse, and extoll him before all the liuing, for he is our Lord, and he is the God our father for euer:
  5. 5. And he wil scourge vs for our iniquities, and will haue mercy againe, and will gather vs out of all nations, among whom he hath scattered vs.
  6. 6. If you turne to him with your whole heart, and with your whole minde, and deale vprightly before him, then will hee turne vnto you, and will not hide his face from you: Therefore see what he will doe with you, and confesse him with your whole mouth, and praise the Lord of might, and extoll the euerlasting King: in the land of my captiuitie doe I praise him, and declare his might and maiesty to a sinnefull nation: O yee sinners turne, and doe iustice before him: who can tell if he will accept you, and haue mercy on you?
  7. 7. I wil extoll my God, and my soule shal praise the King of heauen, and shal reioyce in his greatnesse.
  8. 8. Let all men speake, and let all praise him for his righteousnesse.
  9. 9. O Ierusalem the holy Citie, he will scourge thee for thy childrens workes, and will haue mercy againe on the sonnes of the righteous.
  10. 10. Giue praise to the Lord, for hee is good: and praise the euerlasting King, that his Tabernacle may bee builded in thee againe with ioy: and let him make ioyfull there in thee, those that are captiues, and loue in thee for euer those that are miserable.
  11. 11. Many nations shall come from farre to the Name of the Lord God, with gifts in their hands, euen giftes to the King of heauen: all generations shall praise thee with great ioy.
  12. 12. Cursed are all they which hate thee, and blessed shall all be, which loue thee for euer.
  13. 13. Reioyce & be glad for the children of the iust: for they shall be gathered together, & shall blesse the Lord of the iust.
  14. 14. O blessed are they which loue thee, for they shall reioyce in thy peace: blessed are they which haue been sorowfull for all thy scourges, for they shal reioyce for thee, when they haue seene all thy glory, and shalbe glad for euer.
  15. 15. Let my soule blesse God the great King.
  16. 16. For Ierusalem shall be built vp with Saphires, and Emerauds, and precious stone: thy walles and towres, and battlements with pure golde.
  17. 17. And the streets of Ierusalem shal be paued with Berill, and Carbuncle, and stones of Ophir.
  18. 18. And all her streets shall say, Halleluiah, and they shall praise him, saying, Blessed be God which hath extolled it for euer.

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