Chapter 14

  1. 1. So Tobit made an ende of praising God.
  2. 2. And he was eight and fifty yeeres olde when hee lost his sight, which was restored to him after eight yeeres, and he gaue almes, and he increased in the feare of the Lord God, and praised him.
  3. 3. And when he was very aged, hee called his sonne, and the sixe sons of his sonne, and said to him, My sonne, take thy children; for behold, I am aged, and am ready to depart out of this life.
  4. 4. Goe into Media, my sonne, for I surely beleeue those things which Ionas the Prophet spake of Nineue, that it shall be ouerthrowen, and that for a time peace shal rather be in Media, and that our brethren shall lie scattered in the earth from that good land, and Ierusalem shall be desolate, and the house of God in it shalbe burned, and shall be desolate for a time:
  5. 5. And that againe God will haue mercie on them, and bring them againe into the land where they shall build a Temple, but not like to the first, vntill the time of that age be fulfilled, and afterward they shall returne from all places of their captiuitie, and build vp Ierusalem gloriously, and the house of God shall be built in it for euer, with a glorious building, as the prophets haue spoken thereof.
  6. 6. And all nations shall turne, and feare the Lord God truely, and shall burie their idoles.
  7. 7. So shall all nations praise the Lord, and his people shal confesse God, and the Lord shall exalt his people, and all those which loue the Lord God in trueth and iustice, shall reioyce, shewing mercie to our brethren.
  8. 8. And now, my sonne, depart out of Nineue, because that those things which the Prophet Ionas spake, shall surely come to passe.
  9. 9. But keepe thou the Law and the Commandements, and shew thy selfe mercifull and iust, that it may goe well with thee.
  10. 10. And burie me decently, and thy mother with me, but tarie no longer at Nineue. Remember, my sonne, how Aman handled Achiacharus þt
  11. 11. Wherefore now, my sonne, consider what almes doeth, and how righteousnesse doth deliuer. When he had said these things, he gaue vp the ghost in the bed, being an hundred, and eight and fiftie yeeres old, and he buried him honourably.
  12. 12. And when Anna his mother was dead, he buried her with his father: but Tobias departed with his wife and children to Ecbatane, to Raguel his father in law:
  13. 13. Where hee became old with honour, and hee buried his father and mother in lawe honourably, and hee inherited their substance, and his father Tobits.
  14. 14. And he died at Ecbatane in Media, being an hundred and seuen and twentie yeeres old.
  15. 15. But before he died, he heard of the destruction of Nineue, which was taken by Nabuchodonosor & Assuerus: and before his death hee reioyced ouer Nineue.

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